That's nice, but what's the point?

This newsletter is about learning. It's also sometimes about design—but it's not just for designers. It's written for you—the self-motivated, open-minded individual who loves to expand their thinking.

Venture by Design covers a wide range of topics from the vast worlds of design, entrepreneurship, health, and personal finance. It's a vehicle for sharing the insights I discover in my personal learning journey—curated, creative thoughts to complement your own creative journey.

Part of the goal here is to burst the 'design bubble' by elevating creative methodology to everyone. My hope is that I can achieve this while providing genuinely valuable insights and resources for you each week. Subscribe for free to receive the newsletter every Friday morning.

Who's behind this thing?

Hello there! My name is Joe. 👋 I'm a digital product designer working in tech. That means I spend my days collaborating with brilliant developers and product leaders to create digital solutions. I do this full-time, and I also create some products on the side.

I'm on a learning journey and want to share what I learn with others. That's why I'm writing this newsletter. Come say hello on Twitter or visit my microsite to learn more about what I'm working on. Happy venturing!

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